PowerUp Products was founded in 2016 by Denise Kennedy and Kelly Henderson in Minnesota. As health and wellness experts, they were always testing new ways to fuel their bodies with natural food sources. The problem, most products on the market were high in sugar and low in protein, an essential component to help build muscles. The absence of healthy recovery products led to the creation of PowerUp Products.

We use natural and organic, often locally sourced ingredients. Our belief is that Food is Fuel. You work hard so enjoy a guilt free snack that works for you and keeps you running, biking, swimming or just going! PowerUp Products currently produces Energy Bites and Popsicles out of our Minneapolis kitchen.

PowerUp Bites are a high energy, nutritious, delicious snack. Our wholesome/premium ingredients are locally sourced, gluten-free, nutrient dense, low in sugar, dairy free and vegan friendly. We offer 3 main flavors with seasonal options. PowerUp Bites are packed with Protein, Omega-3s and Vitamins. Eat them on the go. During a work out. At a race or event. They are a fantastic post workout bite to help tired muscles rebuild or for anyone looking for a healthy snack with protein.

PowerUp Pops are made with real fruit. We use nut milks, chia seeds and hemp hearts for protein, spinach, avocados, coconut water and locally grown fruit to make our pops healthy and delicious. We also have some fruit only based pops (for those with nut allergies) and we do not use any artificial sweeteners or cane syrup.

Snack differently. Indulge healthy.